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Guandong Jiafeng Ceramics Co., Ltd.

嘉峰陶瓷公司装备了当今世界上最先进的陶瓷生产设备,如:全球最大的100吨中铝球球磨机,7800T计算机控制系统意大利“萨克米”自动压机,意大利进口全自动工控宽体辊道窑与 3D数码喷墨印花机。



Jiafeng Ceramics has been outfitted with the most advanced ceramic production facilities in the world, such as 100T ball mills, roller carving printing machines and automatic presses imported from Italy, presses with a maximum tonnage of 7800,physical property & linear expansion tester, etc, which provides an effective guarantee for R & D. Jiafeng Ceramics specializes in all kinds of high-class building ceramic products, including vitrified tiles, glazed tiles, matte tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, borders, etc. With the longest (450 meters) automatic digital-control and wide-bodied roller kiln in the world, the total annual output of Jiafeng Ceramics reaches over 8 million sqms.

So far, Jiafeng Ceramics has launched a professional R & D team of nearly 100 personnel, of whom 26.3% are doctors, masters and bachelors majoring in silicate, machinery, ceramic production, ceramic technique and industrial automatic control, etc.

Product features: Vividly restore the stone, showing the beauty of
nature, the product is used of "longitudinal and vertical" original
fabric technology of Bohua enterprise,


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